Exclusive to Contract Concepts, Brado Contract is DESIGN BLAST! A diverse, open, colourful, explosive world. A collection of different, original and contrasting styles.

Brado Contract is Italian creativity. Creativity is digging through "What one knows and what one feels." What Brado Contract KNOWS is the product of 40 years work and success in seating design. What Brado Contract FEELS is a changing, dynamic, fierce, competitive, brilliant, adrenaline-filled and seductive world.

Brado Contract is 100% ITALIAN, from the brain to the bone marrow, from the creativity to the production line, from the style to skilled labourers, from the concept to the packaging.




Touch the screen and step right in! If you have not yet had the chance to visit the museum in person, the virtual tour of Brado Museum lets you wander through the exhibition spaces, take a peek inside the meeting rooms, stop for a rest at the bar and discover all there is to know about the fascinating Chair Museum...


The philosophy underlying all Metalmeccanica Alba’s products is to make its seating unique, starting with the components.

Metalmeccanica Alba are firmly convinced that to make seating suitable for different environments and to be competitive and up to date, they need to invest in technology and innovation. Alba's team makes a fundamental contribution to the company’s success, with true flair and skills honed by constant technical design refresher and specific courses.

This great effort to achieve common objectives, and dedication, is transformed into unique products that are innovative, elegant and functional.





Stiwood is an up-and-coming dynamic company that belongs to the Twins Group, one of the world's foremost chair component manufacturing groups.

Stiwood's art is to bring ideas to life in the curving of wood. Close collaboration with designers and expert die-cutters; help develop impressions and enables Stiwood to give customers the best possible support.

Starting from personal ideas, Stiwood create the prototype and the die, after which they proceed to the pre-series production phase: the curve takes shape, the shape of your sensations.

Stiwood's world is the world of the chair, but they do not lose sight of the other furnishing elements that add to the decor. Stiwood's expert hands only process materials of the highest quality woods that take on the shapes of customers designs.

Stiwood elaborates your sensations to give you the thrill that only a Stiwood product can give.